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Our roots in Africa

African Countries present some of the greater challenges when it comes to protecting Intellectual Property. Our local presence and experience is paramount to attain a high standard of service quality.

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Intellectual Property is the key to success

Registering your Intellectual Property is the only way to actually own the work that you do and the investments that you make.

A well thought out Intellectual Property strategy is critical to innovation and success. Without it, businesses and individuals will not be able to reap the full benefits of their investments in branding and R&D.

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Protection is everything

We ensure that you maintain the exclusive rights to your Intellectual Property

Inventa specializes in Trademarks, Patents, Domains, Designs, Copyright and other forms of Intellectual Property protection.

We strategize, implement and maintain the proper protection for you and your business. With a complete toolkit of both preemptive and reactive Intellectual Property protection services, we are in a unique position to help ensure that what's yours stays yours.

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Portfolio Management

Easier to access and organize

Managing a lot of Intellectual Property assets in multiple jurisdictions can be difficult and time consuming.

At Inventa, we try to alleviate the hassle by assigning you a dedicated account manager, giving you access to a well designed and secure client login, having important alerts delivered to your Email box, and even having a consolidated billing option available[*].

* Subject to approval by our staff.


First protect it, then export it

Entering a new market is always challenging. More often than not it will require additional logistics, adapting to regulations and new consumers to understand and manage. At Inventa, we know it's also very important to safeguard your Intellectual Property assets on that territory to avoid future headaches. So our advice is really very simple: "First protect it, then export it".

International in our DNA

Inventa operates directly in many countries, through our network of offices and local representatives. We also have long term partnerships with associated offices throughout the world for local representation in any other country.

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