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Data protection is important for the protection of your business

In today's digital age, data protection is increasingly important in corporate business, as there are a number of stakeholders who store and share information from social networks, web servers, and online stores that collect confidential data and that should be highly protected.

It is precisely because of this that laws were enacted to protect users from security breaches, including theft or credit card and identity fraud.

At Inventa, we are fully qualified to help your business protect itself from any breaches of information, while also providing a permanent consulting service to protect data and improve cooperation with public authorities.

Know the risks

Do not ignore data protection laws

Ignoring data protection is becoming increasingly risky for your business as, in obvious law violation cases, companies may be required to answer for misuse of data and dissemination of information.

The law provides a series of consumer rights, which companies must always respect. These include the right to access your information and the right to refuse direct marketing.

Therefore, in line with legal guidelines, your company should respect the following principles, which guarantee that information:

Is current.

Is adequate, relevant, and not excessive.

Is used in accordance with the law.

Is not passed on to countries or territories that do not check for an adequate level of protection regarding the rights to use information and data.


Learn how to protect your clients’ information

Acting in accordance with data protection legislation has several advantages for businesses or individuals when it comes to how and for how long information may be shared or stored. It can also be advantageous when it comes to contract negotiation or during the early stages of website creation. This is something that Inventa can provide effectively, thanks to its vast experience.

Your questions

Our answers

In today's digital economy, the importance of data protection is very high, in as much as it establishes a clear business relationship with customers. The internet is an opportunity that no one wishes to forfeit and one that represents a high business potential. However, with the digital sphere also comes a high risk of unauthorized dissemination of information, so it is essential that companies commit to a series of legal procedures to protect customer data. Not doing so may come at a high price for both your business and your company's reputation.

Dealing with customer data raises a number of issues and legal problems relating to the provision of maximum protection for this information. Inventa is qualified to take preventive action and to provide you with information pertaining to the current legal framework. We also help you understand the types of protection you should implement for your business.

Our IT department consists of the most experienced and competent professionals. They are able to assist you in the process of developing and implementing the system which is best suited to your business reality. In addition, our legal department is perfectly qualified to guarantee compliance with the legal parameters established by the applicable law. Furthermore, we can also advise you on how to use this information reasonably and ethically, making sure you maximize your online activity and stay within the legal framework.

Our legal department offers strategic prevention services by identifying cases of non-compliance and developing measures to correct them. Additionally, we can also help in dealing with possible cases of abusive use of data, directly managing any contact with the different public authorities involved in these procedures. This means that Inventa guarantees maximum security in your digital operations – always focusing on the maximum legitimacy and competitive effectiveness of your business.

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