EU: Portuguese winery company defeats Messi

Lionel Messi is currently battling another Portuguese. This time, however, Cristiano Ronaldo is not in the picture, given that this time, Messi is facing a Portuguese wine company, which is unwilling to allow Messi to sell his wine “Leo” in Europe.

In 2010, Leonel Messi has joined the Argentine wine company Bianchi, which union lead to the commercialization of the wine “Leo”. However, upon attempting to sale the wine in Europe, Casa Ermelinda de Freitas stepped in to prevent this situation.

The Portuguese wine company which sells the wine “Leo D’Honor” argues that the sale of both wines will lead to the confusion of the consumers and OHIM’s decisions have been favouring the Portuguese wine company. In its defence, Messi argues that there are other European wineries using the name Leo (Leo Ripanus (cantina Coli Ripani) and Leo Hillinger Winery) without this having been disputed.

Nevertheless, considering that the trademark “Leo D’Honor” will be valid until 2021, Leo Messi shall only be able to continue to play this game at the European Court of Justice.


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