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What is the DNS?

DNS is the abbreviation for Domain Name System. This is a digital service that translates domains into IP addresses. As domain names are alphabetic, they are easier to memorize. Every time you use a domain, the DNS service translates the name into the corresponding IP address - for example, if the domain is, the service will translate it to

What is URL forwarding and how does it work?

URL forwarding allows you to redirect your domain into another location. Additionally, you can use this service if you hold several domains and want all of them to redirect visitors to the same website.

How can I program URL forwarding?

By registering your domain with Inventa, we provide a free URL forwarding service. Once your registration is complete, you can access your customer area and program the destination you want your domain to redirect to.

What happens if I change my URL?

In these situations, URL forwarding is very useful. In this case, go to your customer area and simply update the URL to that which you want your domain to redirect to.

I have my own web server. How do I proceed in order to redirect domains to that server?

In this case, the domain will remain in our servers. All you have to do is enter your web host or your server’s DNS information in your customer area.

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