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Portfolio Management

Why should I make use of your management service for patents and other forms of protection?

Our management of the different forms of protection allows the centralization of all our services relating to patents, utility models, and industrial designs.

The rights' registration and renewals are examples of our portfolio management activities that lead to an increase in your business potential by focusing on its comparative advantages. Learn more:

  • Consulting and strategy to strengthen your industrial property portfolio.

  • Regular assessments and audits of the portfolio.

  • Monitoring the assets in the market, constantly on the lookout for market behaviors considered potentially harmful.

  • Activation of response measures to third party actions that infringe your industrial property rights.

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Online client area to check and manage all the intellectual property assets represented by Inventa.

  • Alert service to constantly update you on status changes of all your assets.

  • Consolidated billing process.

Why should we manage your industrial property rights?

The patent, utility model, and industrial design portfolio management service is a valuable aid in the administration and management of your rights. It helps to constantly update operating strategies regarding your assets, meaning that all data can be kept updated in a centralized way, ensuring that annual maintenance is carried out successfully.

In the absence of a portfolio management, the chances of your patents being exposed to risks increase. These risks, when not predicted or safeguarded against, can strongly affect the success and effectiveness of your intellectual property rights.

In addition, if you do not have an efficient portfolio management and you own different patents in several jurisdictions, there is a serious danger of not remembering important dates, such as the renewal of your rights or responding to notifications from the relevant Offices.

Who should use the portfolio management service?

The Portfolio Management Service is ideal for a company that is increasing its patent, utility model and industrial design portfolio and wants to centralize every IP asset with one single management, with frequent audits to make sure the rights are effectively maintained.

Any individual person or company, that is looking for a way to simplify their industrial property asset management with less bureaucracy and more autonomy to develop creative and inventive processes, should also use our Portfolio Management Service.

What is Inventa’s consolidated billing service?

Inventa’s consolidated billing service is a system that unifies all the invoices related to services provided by our company. Thus, the entire payment process is simplified through the issuing of a single invoice that can be sent within the deadlines agreed with each client (e.g. once a month).

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