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What is the internationalization of trademarks?

The registration of trademarks happens at a territorial level (i.e., it is limited to the jurisdiction in which the trademark has been registered). As such, it is essential that you register your trademark in every jurisdiction where you want it to be protected, thus opening up the possibility of marketing or licensing your goods/services there.

Is there a global trademark registration?

No, there is no system that allows you to obtain a trademark protection worldwide. As such, you will either have to individually register your trademark in each jurisdiction you wish to enter, or choose a regional or international regime that covers several countries in a single application. This is what happens, for example, with the European Union Trademark, that through a single registration protects your trademark in all the 28 European Union member states.

Why should I register my trademarks at international level?

Given that trademarks are only effective in the territory where they have been registered, it is imperative that you protect your trademark individually in each jurisdiction you wish to expand your business into. This will ensure its protection against any attempts of imitation or counterfeit.

When should an international registration be carried out?

The international trademark registration should be carried out as soon as you have defined a strategy for international expansion. This, in itself, is a process that may involve research on the feasibility of registering your trademark in the targeted jurisdictions. After this analysis, Inventa can help you with the entire trademark application process, providing you with the best strategies for protecting your industrial property at international level.

In which countries should I register my trademark?

The decision on when to proceed to a trademark application obviously depends on your commercial strategy. However, it is recommended that you apply for an international trademark registration in all markets you wish to enter, whether it is to directly market your trademark or license it to third parties.

How can Inventa help me with international trademark registration?

The fact that we are a multinational company collaborating with the best partners worldwide provides us with a unique knowledge of each country’s local reality. Accordingly, when it comes to international trademark applications, we have brought together skills that have already allowed us to provide this service to thousands of clients all over the world.

By working with highly-qualified professionals, as well as the latest state-of-the-art technology, we can assure you maximum efficiency concerning international registrations and protection of your trademarks, ensuring the greatest possible focus on the success of your intellectual property at all times.

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