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What is Trademark Portfolio Management?

Inventa’s Trademark Portfolio Management service allows you to trust our teams with the entire management of your intellectual property. This saves you from having to worry about either the deadlines for maintaining your trademarks or the necessary formalities involved in a trademark application.

Which services are included in Trademark Portfolio Management?

Trademark Portfolio Management encompasses various services:

  • Management and monitoring of trademark registrations

  • Regular trademarks audits

  • Advice on legal strategies to protect your industrial property

  • Implementation of legal measures in situations of trademark infringement, imitation, or counterfeiting

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Online customer area where you can consult and manage your trademarks and other intellectual property assets that are being represented by Inventa.

  • Alert service keeping you informed of any changes that may have occurred to the status of your trademarks

  • Consolidated billing process.

How can Inventa help me with Trademark Portfolio Management?

Specialized in intellectual property, Inventa relies on multidisciplinary teams focused on providing you with maximum protection for your intellectual property rights. We ensure companies the best possible trademark portfolio management, carried out in a non-bureaucratic, centralized, and more efficient way.

What is Inventa’s consolidated billing service?

Inventa’s consolidated billing service is a system that unifies all the invoices related to services provided by our company. Thus, the entire payment process is simplified through the issuing of a single invoice that can be sent within the deadlines agreed with each client (e.g. once a month).

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