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Trademark Search

What is a trademark search?

A trademark search is a service provided by Inventa that, when performed prior to the registration of your trademark, allows you to check for the existence of other trademarks identical or similar to yours, or situations that may be a source of legal conflict. This search confirms the feasibility of a trademark application, meaning that it should be formalized and managed by our team of experts on the subject, with a total focus on the granting of your trademark.

Why should I carry out a trademark search?

A trademark search avoids the risk of investing time and money in a trademark application that may be refused. It allows you to only proceed with the application procedure once the absence of marks identical or similar to yours has been confirmed.

Who will conduct the search?

At Inventa, any registered trademark search is conducted by experts in the field. Our team has a vast experience in trademark search and in detection of legal problems that might compromise the successful registration of your trademark.

The entire process is performed under your supervision. You will be presented with a report listing all the trademarks that have been found to be similar and outlining our legal opinion on the feasibility of your trademark registration (meaning that we give you a prognosis on whether there is a high, medium or low probability of having your application granted).

How long does it take until I have access to the results?

The timeframe for obtaining results depends on each jurisdiction and the number of results observed, but it usually varies from 2 working days to a few weeks.

What should I do after having performed a trademark search?

As soon as your application is deemed to have a high probability of being granted, we advise you to file it. However, if your trademark only gets a medium probability of being granted, we will advise you on how to act concerning this outcome. We also issue advice for reducing the risks associated with the trademark application, increasing its chances of success and finding alternative ways to make it more viable.

How can Inventa help me with the search for registered trademarks?

Inventa works together with highly-specialized teams, who are capable of conducting the entire research process and providing you with a survey of trademarks that are identical or similar to yours. We provide you with the best legal strategies to enhance the viability of your trademark application.

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