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About Trademarks

What is a trademark?

It’s important to understand that a trademark is composed by signs, expressions and/or drawings that can be graphically represented, allowing the company to distinguish itself from the remaining. Owning a trademark gives the owner the exclusive use of that graphical representation, as well as protection against imitations or counterfeit products.

Why should I register a trademark?

You should register your trademark for one very simple reason: if you don’t register it, there is a chance that someone else might do it for you, thereby keeping the monopoly of your trademark and stopping you from using, producing or marketing it. Therefore, registering your trademark will reinforce your intellectual property’s legal protection and prevent others from using it without your prior consent. After the registration, you can use the (r) symbol, allowing others to know that your trademark has been officially registered.

When should I register a trademark?

The registration process should always take place before you start to produce, sell, or disclose your product or service. This will ensure the exclusivity of your asset and prevent competitors from getting a head start and register a trademark in your place. As such, early protection assured by a timely registration is critical to the success of your business.

Is a trademark registration valid worldwide?

There is no registration that can protect your trademark on a global level. As such, it is important to register your trademark in the countries that you have targeted for expansion. This will ensure maximum protection in your points of export or commercial interest.

Do trademarks require any sort of precaution before being registered?

There are indeed some precautions that should be taken before proceeding to register a trademark or logotype:

Online Trademark Search: an online search will let you know, at an early stage, if there are other trademarks similar to the one you have created, so that you can decide whether or not to proceed with the registration of your trademark.

Technical Trademark Search: very often, an online search is not sufficient to determine the feasibility of a trademark registration. For that reason, Inventa works with a team of experts that offer you a research and consultancy service. This service not only confirms the true feasibility of your trademark registration, but also detects potential legal conflicts or other situations that may involve other types of intervention. This includes the negotiation for purchasing an already registered trademark that could be of your interest.

How can Inventa help me with a trademark application?

Inventa offers you a full and integrated intellectual property service provided by highly-specialized teams. These teams have experience in the registration and management of trademarks, patents, industrial designs, copyright, and domain names. We can, therefore, carry out a follow-up on all research processes prior to a trademark application, as well as a permanent monitoring of the market, patent portfolio management, and the internationalization and protection of your industrial property rights.

Being an international company with a network of contacts on a global scale, Inventa provides these services to thousands of clients all over the world. We ensure them total protection of their assets and a permanent defense of their interests and rights. At all times, we rely on the support of specialized teams and state-of-art technological systems, which ensure you the maximum degree of protection for your business.

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