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Tiago Reis Nobre, Managing Partner

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Tiago Reis Nobre, Managing Partner

Managing Partner at Inventa and one of the main responsible for the growth and recognition of the company as a leading Intellectual Property (IP) law firm, nationally and internationally. Tiago actively participates in the development of our business in Portugal and in the African continent.

Alongside his management role, Tiago has valuable experience as a Trademark and Patent Attorney, a role that provided him crucial know-how to determine and recommend the best approaches to defend all IP interests. Throughout his professional career, he had the opportunity to work with clients from different sectors of activity, which gives him a broad perspective on all areas of IP.

Through his regular attendance to international IP events as well as through the various associations of the sector of which he is a member, establishes strategic partnerships for the development of the business, searching for the excellence of IP services worldwide, keeping up to date on the latest developments in all IP matters, including IP protection, strategy and enforcement

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