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After all the effort put in to create your business, it is normal to want to achieve greater success. However, it is important not to neglect its safety, meaning the protection of your trademark is essential. Do not make the mistake of thinking that it is enough to register the name of your company or domain. In fact, a trademark is a much more valuable asset, which requires a separate and distinct registration to grant its owner the exclusive right to use the name.

A trademark registration will ensure maximum protection, preventing third parties from using it, and enabling the activation of legal mechanisms to obtain the appropriate compensation for damages if they do.

For that reason, it is not enough to simply promote or market your trademark to ensure maximum legal protection. In order to do this, it is truly necessary to formalize the registration of your trademark, preferably before you start marketing your product or service.

Trademark availability

Before registering, know if the trademark is available

It is of utmost importance that you do a Trademark Search first, to check if there are trademarks similar or identical to yours.

Imagine you create a trademark and decide to launch it before doing a trademark search. You'll be subjected to a high risk of already existing equal or identical trademarks that could compromise the registration of yours, creating a legal conflict and conditioning the feasibility of your project or business.

 Trademark Search


Know the benefits of registering your trademark with us

Register your trademark with Inventa and benefit from the following advantages:

Strategic Advice

Our specialists will review the information you provide and advise you on the best strategy to increase your chances of success in obtaining a trademark and protecting your brand.

We prepare the application

We will be in charge of all the procedings related to filing a trademark application based on the chosen strategy.

Trademark Maintenance for 10 years

Inventa keeps a close eye on every event related to your trademark.

Client Area available

We provide you a secure web based client area to manage your Intellectual Property assets.

Trademark Registration


See also the trademark registration procedure and the respective follow-up provided by Inventa:

Your questions

Our answers

For a very simple reason: if you don't, someone else might do it instead, thereby keeping the monopoly of your trademark and stopping you from using, producing, or marketing it. As such, registering your trademark will reinforce the legal protection of your intellectual property and prevent others from using it without your prior consent. After registration, you can use the ® symbol, showing others that your mark has been officially registered.

There is no registration that can protect your trademark on a global level. As such, it is important to register your trademark in the countries which you have targeted for expansion to ensure maximum protection in your points of export or commercial interest.

There is, in fact, some care that should be taken after your trademark has been registered:

  • Trademark Watch: Inventa can ensure a constant monitoring of the market, always warning you as soon as a trademark that is identical or similar to yours is detected and providing you with the best strategies for the prevention and suppression of any infringements.

  • Trademark Protection: the occurrence of trademark infringement requires complex mechanisms of legal intervention. Inventa’s team of experts can take the lead on that matter, always giving you advice on the best strategies for action and assessing the impact of any legal conflicts upon your trademark.

  • Internationalization: there may come a time when it makes sense to expand your business and internationalize your trademark. At that stage, Inventa can provide you with all the necessary information regarding foreign jurisdictions. We can also advise you on the best strategies for internationalizing your trademark, in accordance with the respective procedures and registration processes.

Inventa offers you a full and integrated intellectual property service provided by highly-specialized teams. Our teams have experience in the registration and management of trademarks, patents, industrial designs, copyright, and domain names. We can, therefore, carry out a follow-up on all research processes prior to a trademark application, as well as permanent monitoring of the market, patent portfolio management, and the internationalization and protection of your industrial property rights.

Being an international company with a network of contacts on a global scale, Inventa provides these services to thousands of clients all over the world. We ensure them total protection of their assets and a permanent defense of their interests and rights. At all times, we rely on the support of specialized teams and state-of-art technological systems, which ensure you the maximum degree of protection for your business.

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