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Ensure your trademark maximum protection

The protection of a trademark, product name, or company involves a series of variables that require much more than a simple registration procedure.

During the life cycle of your trademark, our trademark watch service is one of the most important steps, allowing you to follow up on any attempts to register trademarks that are identical or similar to yours. Sometimes, this type of situation may even occur deliberately, being brought about by third parties, who, for whatever reason, intend to damage your trademark, as is the case with attempts at counterfeiting.


Timing is essential for the protection of your trademark

By this we mean the timely detection of any infringements that may be detrimental for your business. This, implicitly, means that it is necessary to put the trademark watch service into action as soon as your trademark is registered.

Inventa works with a team of highly-experienced experts. We monitor our customers’ markets and look out for illicit activities or situations that may be a source of conflict in any way, such as applications for identical or similar trademarks.

Since this a highly-sensitive field, which requires swift resolution measures, timing becomes a key factor, helping you with all preventative work and providing you with adequate responses.

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What we do

How does trademark watch work?

Every day, Inventa’s teams analyze the official bulletins naming new trademarks and monitor the market to detect any movement that might harm or violate your trademark. We rely on a vast network of contacts, as well as the latest cutting-edge technology, to ensure permanent monitoring.

We use an intersection of algorithms and technological systems in order to provide you with activity reports and indicators specifying those trademarks that may affect your business. To that end, we analyze:

Phonetic elements

Characters, words, or phrases whose phonetics may refer to your trademark.

Graphic elements

Images or visual elements identical or similar yours.

In addition to this survey, our team provides you with the best strategies to adopt in response to any infringements against your Intellectual Property.

Trademark Registration


Monitor your the entire process of your trademarks' life cycle, from the preparation for an application to its watch and after-care. Inventa will accompany you every step of the way.

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Your questions

Our answers

Trademark Watch is a service provided by Inventa, which monitors trademarks in all jurisdictions. This service allows any identical or similar trademarks owned by third parties to be identified. It is of high strategic importance to perform this search since it allows you to identify and monitor applications for similar trademarks that may devalue your own. It is also very useful for identifying and responding to imitations.

The existence of another trademark that is identical or similar to yours is likely to devalue your trademark. This is because there is a risk of customers confusing the commercial origins of both trademarks, thus threatening the success of your business. Our Trademark Watch Service provides a continuous monitoring of trademark applications and allows for a timely response to any detected imitation.

Our Trademark Watch Service is advisable for any company or individual who considers their trademarks an important asset for their business. This service allows you to monitor new trademark applications to subsequently protect the rights conferred by your own trademark.

Inventa’s teams of experts ensure permanent monitoring of Industrial Property Bulletins, making use of the latest cutting-edge technology to always detect new applications that could, directly or indirectly, affect your trademark. With our help, you will always have access to the best strategies to respond to imitations.

It should be noted that the trademark watch service is performed on a global scale, including all countries where new trademarks have been published, in each jurisdiction.

Inventa works with highly-experienced teams, who ensure the most efficient trademark watch service at national and international level. We always supply you with the best legal response strategies to react to any imitations that may have been detected in the course of investigations.

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